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What do your colleagues think?
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What FitBoard can do today

Baseline your starting point

Capture your self-reflections

Pulse-check your meetings

Engage your board

Would you like to know what your colleagues think about your board? We don’t mean what they share with you during dinners, lunch, or coffee breaks. We also don’t mean the answers or ratings they give during annual board reviews. What do your colleagues think, right now, and right after the last board meeting?

Are you ready to engage a board colleague, or the entire board to compare notes with you? How would they answer our short and simple surveys, designed for “little & often” alignment?

Do you want to gauge the board’s sentiment on key aspects of healthy, high-performing boards?

Would you like to test out your colleague’s appetite for working on your board’s future fitness?

Complete our health check feature and get ready to share your individual report with your colleagues. You might then involve one or more colleagues, or a board committee, and compare notes from your individual health checks before engaging the entire board. 

Start by completing your board’s health check here! 

“This is a remarkable tool for boards to hold themselves to the highest governance standards.”


Photo Credit: Hans Pater Gauster

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