Directors and their boards use our self-coaching app to ensure the safety, success and prosperity of their ventures – today and in the future.

Why use FitBoard?

Active owners and directors have succeeded in becoming even more aligned within their boards since 2020 – driven by purpose and a shared value set. Others have not.  Boards can no longer afford to leave the test of their strength to the crisis management room. As boards lead the recovery, we offer a way to regularly monitor the signs of their health and quality of decision making.

Now, more than ever, we need active board leadership to pave the way for meaningful conversations to ensure success. This is not an easy task in any situation, let alone a crisis, and it is made more difficult in a remote setting. Our app offers a solution to ensure that board continue collecting and picking up on vital information from each director that can get lost when boards or committees convene virtually.

Use FitBoard to

guide your due diligence before joining a board

detecting warning signs or finding a match

prepare yourself, meeting by meeting

refreshing your lines of questioning and priorities

engage your board, and raise discussions early

compare notes with one or all board members

“This is a great tool”

Charlotte Valeur, FTSE Chair, eCoda NED, Founder Board Apprentice, former Chair of IoD, UK

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Photo credit: Efe Kurnaz

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