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Sustainability, the Future of Energy 3

Insights and recommendations for boards inside and outside the industry

The recent energy crisis shone a harsh light on the industry. Energy fuels business operations and is therefore a cost. But if you’re a business leader, the environmental impact can cost you access to capital, clients, and talent. 

In this context, the shift to sustainable operations becomes imperative. Governing and overseeing this transition is the responsibility of the entire C-level. 

Business leaders in and outside of the energy industry must ensure that their company has a rigorous process in place, from gap analysis to a roadmap for sustainable transformation, with clear KPIs. Companies need to look at their business holistically and integrate sustainability in all processes. 

In February 2023, FitBoard led a panel event on the topic of the energy transition, sponsored by SAP and with participation of sustainability communicators Dunn & Falkenstein Consulting.  

Download our Insight Report below for key takeaways for board members inside and outside the energy industry. 

FitBoard produced the report in cooperation with the energy industry leader Inese Dosē and Dunn & Falkenstein Consulting, illustrations by Ingrid Lill

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