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We eat our own dog food.

Boards not only must regularly monitor their health based on a minimum of quality indicators if they want their ventures to thrive. To us, it is inconceivable that any company will be fit for the future – particularly since covid-19 hit – without bringing ESG to the center of their scorecard.

To enshrine ESG in our code, we have based ourselves on the B corp measurement approach. B corp assessments follow a methodology that has developed over many years and is increasingly going mainstream all around the globe. An essential part of the credibility of the B Corp movement – setting it squarely apart from mere PR exercises designed to attract talent, clients, and investors – is a rigorous and detailed external peer-review process in the run up to certification.   

You will benefit from this feature regardless of the status of your discussions on ESG. If you are already B corp certified, and even if you use another methodology we will give you a succinct validation of the alignment that you have achieved and allow you to verify the gaps in understanding between your board colleagues. This way, the board receives an additional nudge to keep challenging itself to progress even further. If you have not yet begun the discussion about ESG with your board colleagues or have not yet taken it beyond a statement of intent, you will benefit from assessing the board’s readiness to embrace your B corp certification. 

Join the FitBoard user community which owns or leads B corp certified companies or are in the process of becoming certified to share your experiences. At FitBoard we are delighted to facilitate the discussion as we collectively strive to reach the SDGs.

In 2021, we incorporated FitBoard as a benefit corporation in the UK and are excited about working on our pending benefit corporation status.

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