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FitBoard is about tech for good.
This is what we stand for.

We are passionate about helping ventures succeed – with humanity and purpose. Our team has rich roots in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe. Between us, we span three generations and, collectively, bring 30+ years of experience working with chairs, boards, and executives in Global 500 companies, world-class family businesses, and private equity portfolio companies.

Claudia Heimer

Claudia is the Founder of FitBoard. She is a coach and cultural transformation expert, helping executives and non-executives to develop strategy, transform their organisations, navigate the boardroom, and improve its effectiveness. She brings to the table a few decades of experience in creating engagement from the CEO to every corner of the organization.

Claudia started her consulting career at Ashridge, the business school founded as a consortium between British Airways, Unilever, Shell, and Guinness, among others. She completed her MSc in Organizational Behaviour at Birkbeck College, University of London, and her BSc in clinical psychology at the Universidade Federal da Bahia, in Salvador, Brazil.

Her research and publication agenda started out with a focus on internationalizing boards, leaders, teams, and organizations. Over time, she has become more interested in the dynamics of innovation and change, accelerated by the globalization and digitalization megatrends. 

Ricard Pillosu

Ricard is the Chief Technology Officer of FitBoard and is passionate about education, transparency, and democratization in the workplace. 

Ricard was a lecturer on video game programming at UPC Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya, and developed collaboration software and virtual reality-enabled simulations at Resourceful Humans in Berlin, to help leaders move from command and control to the type of leadership the digitalization of business models now requires. 

For just under a decade, Ricard worked with the world-leading videogame production company Crytek in Frankfurt, where he was Development Director after rapidly moving through ever more complex roles as Al Programmer in AAA productions to Lead Programmer to Developer Management. Ricard completed a master’s degree in video games at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, and a Bachelor’s degree in computer science at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Mo Ahmed

Mo is a Co-founder of Fitboard. Dedicated to having a social impact through technology, she discovered this personal mission as a teenager and has not looked back since building her first award-winning App soon after.

An engineer by background, she has helped develop games and find digital solution solutions in areas from biomedical engineering, and education to asset management. A product manager at a fintech start-up in London, she enjoys the fast-paced process of igniting her team’s creativity around client needs to deliver data-driven personalization for products and services. At age 19, Mo was an active Trustee on the board of Apps for Good, a leading digital charity that empowers young people to create apps with social benefit. 

Mo is a born and bred Londoner who graduated with a Masters in Engineering from Imperial College, London, UK. Mo believes that technology can be a huge force for good and wants to help deliver digital products that serve and protect those who need them the most.

Paula Romano

A founding partner of FitBoard, Paula Romano is a Brazilian entrepreneur who has been working with digital marketing and technology for the past 18 years. She has a barchelor’s degree in social communication from the Universidade de São Paulo and a postgraduate in Business Administration from IBMEC, one of the top business schools in Brazil.

She is interested in how technology affects interdisciplinary collaboration, self-organizing teams, data transparency and participatory society. She is also interested in being part of the positive transformation of society by helping companies shift towards ESG goals.

She co-founded a data analytics company in 2010, Lucida and became responsible for all aspects of business administration in the following years. Lucida grew independently until 2014 when it merged to join forces with a performance agency. She joined the board of the newly formed company, Zoly, alongside two other partners and an investor. In 2017 and 2018, Zoly acquired two more companies, including a female founded UX consultancy. By then, Paula was fully responsible for the operation. In 2020, the company had a successful exit and was sold to a large Brazilian tech group.

She is the mother of a 6 year-old boy and lives in a small city near São Paulo to be closer to nature, have a garden and an orchard. She practices mountaineering and rock climbing whenever possible and can’t wait to introduce her son to it.  

Félix Ríos

As the original developer of our app, and a founding partner of FitBoard, Félix is a C-suite tech leader perfect for any stage of a venture. With the founder’s experience of having skin in the game, he is a business builder excelling in various roles from strategy to user engagement, product development to team leadership, digital marketing to operations management. He keeps his coding skills sharp, so he can jump in anytime, and revels in learning new things every day. If he wasn’t working on developing a global A-list computer game, and taking FitBoard next level, he would be dreaming of developing even more gamification-related products.

A computer scientist and engineer with more than twenty years of experience in web development, IT team lead and CTO positions, he is also a multiple award winning artist and game developer. Originally from Venezuela, Félix lives near Barcelona where he relaxes by designing tabletop role-playing games and curating a successful newsletter about the indie game scene.

Félix earned a Masters degree in Visual Arts and Multimedia from the Universitat Politectècnica de València, Spain – summa cum laude.  Previous to that, he completed his Bachelor degree in Computer Science and Engineering at the Universidad Simón Bolívar, Miranda, Venezuela. 

Photo credit: Lisheng Chang

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